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Cole Foundation advances season start date

Intercultural Conversations– Conversations Interculturelles

Encouraging theatrical dialogue between the various cultures in Montreal

Season start date moved up to accommodate wider range of theatre companies

MONTREAL, September 13, 2011 – Now in its fourth year, the Cole Foundation’s Intercultural Conversations granting programme’s focus is to stimulate and encourage theatre presentations that show cultures in dialogue.  Grants are awarded for production, commissioning and translation to professional French and English language theatre companies in Montréal.  In order to accommodate as many theatre companies as possible, the eligible performance date has been changed to March 1 from the previous date of July 1.  Application forms for the 2012-13 and the 2013-14 seasons are due on October 7 at 5pm.

The Cole Foundation is responding to the requirements of the extensive Montreal theatre community. In previous years, there have often been requests that the Foundation couldn’t fill according to the rules of eligibility, including short-term needs and appeals for early summer productions. With that in mind, future years’ production start dates have been moved up to seasons starting as early as March 1 to accommodate those companies.

While larger subscription houses with regular seasons easily fit into the present performance dates as outlined in the application form, Collectives, Indie companies and young companies often function within a 6-month programme period. Barry Cole, Cole Foundation President, “I would like to recognize and encourage smaller companies who work on shorter time frames by this implementation that adapts to their creative needs.”

The Cole Foundation wants Montrealers to have a greater awareness of the voices and stories from and about its diverse cultures/communities.  It believes that dialogue leads to better understanding, appreciation, and greater social harmony amongst the cultural communities.

Theatre/arts professionals and members of the artistic community comprise the jury that assesses all applications.  Jury results will be announced before the end of January 2012. Information about the programme and rules for eligibility are available on the Cole Foundation website in French and English.

Intercultural Conversations forms are available for download here:

Information about the Intercultural Conversations program:

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