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that dialogue leads to better understanding, appreciation, and greater social harmony amongst the cultural communities.

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Blue Metropolis Grant

The idea behind Blue Metropolis Literary Festival is to bring writers and readers from different worlds together in the same room, crossing linguistic divides and deepening their appreciation of what the other has to offer. The mission of Blue Metropolis is to bring people from different cultures together to share the pleasure of reading and writing.

The goal of Blue Metropolis is to be an important cultural and social institution that plays a major role in the life of Montreal, of Quebec and of Canada as a whole by virtue of its mission to educate and promote literature, languages, diversity, inclusiveness and understanding to readers from all social and cultural backgrounds.

Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival is a celebration of words, a meeting place for the languages of the world. As the world’s first multilingual literary festival, Blue Met has been a linguistic innovator. Starting in French and English, the Festival added Spanish in 2000. Since then, readings and events in a multitude of languages, from Farsi and Inuktitut to Hungarian and Scots Gaelic, have been included every year.

In most cases the events are not translated. Much of the work, therefore, consists in bringing in the audiences who speak those languages. Blue Met is about reading, writing and inclusion.

The mission and objectives of Blue Metropolis are very similar to those of the Intercultural Conversations Program of the Cole Foundation. Both initiative support of the presentation of works of theatre depicting the pluralistic cultures of Montreal. In the case of Blue Metropolis, the authors from different countries come to present in their native tongue, and in translation, the stories of their cultures.

The Cole Foundation is proud to continue their support for this very worthwhile cultural organization.

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