Intercultural Conversations

The Cole Foundation believes

that dialogue leads to better understanding, appreciation, and greater social harmony amongst the cultural communities.

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Grant Recipients 2008

Grants awarded in 2008 for the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 theatre seasons:

Black Theatre Workshop:

Centaur Theatre:

Geordie Productions:
From You To Us To You – production

Elephants – production

Le Théâtre du Quartier:
N’habbek / Je t’aime – production

Pigeons International:
BOA GOA – production

Singulier Pluriel:
Le Portier de la Gare Windsor – production

Talisman Theatre:
Rock, Paper, Knife – production

Teesri Duniya Theatre:

The Other Theatre:
Macbeth – translation and production

Théâtre INK:
La Robe de Gulnara – production

Théâtre Momentum:
2010 – creation

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