The Cole Foundation is offering

fellowships to Clinical Fellows, postdoctoral residents and graduate students to promote research in pre-leukemia, leukemia and other leukemia related diseases.

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CCS-Quebec Division/Mont Gabriel Summit Research Fund (Cole Foundation) Grant

Program description

The Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute is pleased to support the partnership between the CCS Quebec Division, and the Cole Foundation and its partners, to fund research grants in the area of pediatric and young adult leukemia and lymphoma research. This fund of a minimum of $2.75 million will support teams that:

  • are proposing research in leukemia or lymphoma to impact children and/or young adults;
  • include investigators at 2 or more Montreal-based institutions;
  • include at least one principal investigator or co-principal investigator based in Montreal (additional investigators from across Canada are welcome to join these teams); and
  • include at least 1 clinician.

The initiative aims to break down barriers, encourage closer collaboration between institutions, develop new research teams and promote new ideas to impact cancer. Projects from new inter-institutional research teams and new ideas are strongly encouraged.

Grants for research will be awarded to projects deemed worthy of support, provided that the basic equipment and research facilities are available in the host institution(s) that it will also provide the necessary administrative services.

For complete instructions and additional information, please download the files below:
Download the Program Guide (PDF)
Download the Sample Application (PDF)
Download the Application Guide (PDF)